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ABOUT bibidibabidiboo'S DREAM

At first, I was just interested in starting knitting and crochet, then I became crazy about it. I love yarn colors, textures, and knitting skill. I just cannot stop moving my hands.
I learned the knitting skills from Japanese and English (American) books and blogs. 
My projects became piled up in my room, so I decided to sell on my creations on Etsy.

My hand crafted items are very colorful, because when I'm knitting I tend to follow my feelings. I need warm colors when I feel sad or upset and also  I have happy happy time. When I'm too much excited I need to be calm, so I use cool colors. It's a kind of mental therapy by knitting. Knitting is a new type of yoga.

Also, I'm very careful about yarn materials. I use soft and tender yarn. It means no itching at all on your face, neck, or body.

Basically, I'm a selfish knitter! 

I want to make things that I want to use. I want to use the yarn I want!! 

I want people to feel comfortable and see a more beautiful world.

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